A Clinical Trial in Early Alzheimer’s Disease — The ANAVEX2-73 Study

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder that affects memory and other normal brain functions.

ANAVEX2-73 is a new small molecule that has been shown in previous research studies to improve mental activities that are involved in learning, remembering and using general daily knowledge. These results may indicate that ANAVEX2-73 has protective properties on the brain neurons that are usually damaged in Alzheimer’s disease.

This study medication is an oral formulation. To compare how well this drug works, patients will randomly be assigned to 3 different groups:

  • 50 mg ANAVEX2-73;
  • 30mg ANAVEX2-73;
  • and placebo (1:1:1).

Therefore, all participants have a 2 in 3 chance of receiving the investigational product ANAVEX2-73.

This study will require participation for approximately 48 weeks, including 6 onsite visits during that period.

Main Inclusion Criteria*:

  • Age- 60-85 years
  • Availability of a study partner, who spends at least 10 hrs per week with the participant
  • If receiving medication for symptomatic AD, have a stable dosing regimen for 3 months prior screening

*Please note that there are additional criteria that must be met in order to qualify to participate in this study.

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