Alzeimer’s Disease


Alzheimer’s: The Arthritis Of The Brain?

Alzheimer’s Disease has been blamed on the build-up of two particularly nasty proteins in the brain: beta-amyloid and tau. Amyloid accumulates in plaques outside neurons, while tau twists into tangles inside. These are the characteristic plaques and tangles seen in the post-mortem Alzheimer’s brain.


Alzheimer’s and AI

New drugs to treat Alzheimer’s are desperately needed – but new drugs are extremely hard to find. The team here at Neurocentrix are trialling several promising drugs and are all-too familiar with the long and painstaking process needed to bring a medication to the market.


Alzheimer’s Missing Link?

Alzheimer’s disease features the build-up of two distinct proteins in the brain: beta-amyloid, which accumulates in clumps, and tau, in tangles. But how exactly they relate to each other and the death of neurons has remained a mystery – perhaps until now.


Evolution, Exercise, and the Aging Brain

At medical school we learnt very few certainties. Everything was a possibility, a probability, a risk, a trend, a likelihood. There were many rules of thumb, but very few rules. Yet amongst all the qualified circumspection, there was one iron-clad law: The human brain grows no new neurons. All the neurons we would ever have were present at birth, and from there it was all rapidly downhill for our neuron tally.