A Phase 2 Clinical Trial of PRAX-114 to Assess the Safety, Tolerability, Pharmacokinetics, and Efficacy in Participants with Major Depressive Disorder

The PRAX-114-202 Part B trial is evaluating a potential new drug designed to work alone or with an antidepressant, to see if it can help improve symptoms of depression in women with perimenopause. PRAX-114 is a potential new investigational treatment for major depressive disorder.

In this open-label clinical trial, research participants will receive 14 daily oral doses of PRAX-114 up to 120 mg once every night.

Depending on your current antidepressant treatment experience and medical history, study participation is expected to take 6 weeks with a total of up to 7 visits.

Visit Schedule Breakdown:

  • 2 week screening period (1 visit)
  • 2 week treatment period (3 visits)
  • 14 daily oral doses of PRAX-114 up to 120 mg once every night
  • Safety follow-up period (3 visits)
  • 14 days following final dose of PRAX-114

You May Be Eligible If*:

  • You are a woman with perimenopause, aged from 40 onwards
  • You have been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder
  • You are currently experiencing a depressive episode

*Additional eligibility criteria apply.

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