Depression can feel like a prison.

But you have options.

Local doctors are testing a new investigational study medication for depression.

Doctors Are Researching Potential New Investigational Drugs

Local doctors are looking for people with major depressive disorder (MDD) to volunteer for a clinical research study of an investigational study medication for depression.

People with major depressive disorder who volunteer and qualify may have the opportunity to try this study medication and receive at no cost:

  • Study-related care from a local doctor
  • Study medication for MDD
  • Compensation for travel

Important Information About This Study

You must meet the following criteria:

  • Are 18 to 80 years old (inclusive)
  • Have not responded to at least 2 prescribed antidepressants
  • Have major depressive disorder (MDD)

Doctors will also evaluate other criteria to make sure you qualify for this study.

Clinical Research is Important and Confidential

A clinical research study is a research project done with human volunteers to learn more about new investigational drugs. Some volunteers are interested in access to investigational drugs. Others volunteer to help advance science. Whatever your reason for participating, we’ll closely monitor your health and protect your privacy.

How Can I Get Started?

Step 1: Contact Our Study Coordinator

To learn more, contact our study coordinator. The study coordinator will give you information about the study and help determine if you might qualify.

Step 2: Determine Eligibility / Give Informed Consent

At the study doctor’s office, our study staff will explain the study procedures and its possible benefits and risks. They’ll also ask some health questions and may refer you for more medical evaluation to make sure you meet the requirements for the study. To join our study, you must read and sign a document called an informed consent to show that you understand the study and what’s required of you.

Step 3: Participate

If eligible, you’ll enter the study. Your participation will last up to 12 weeks, and you’ll make a number of visits to the study doctor’s office during that time. Our staff will work with you to find convenient times for these visits. If you meet certain criteria, there is also an opportunity to continue on study drug for an additional 24 weeks at the end of the study.

Remember to Ask Questions!

Your study doctor will explain the potential benefits and risks of being in this research study. Please use this opportunity to ask questions. You may also take this information with you and talk to your doctor to help you decide if this research study is right for you.

Depression Affects Millions

Millions of people worldwide have major depressive disorder, the most commonly diagnosed form of depression. Depression is more than just sadness. It interferes with daily life and causes pain for you and everyone who cares about you. It’s a common illness, but a very serious one.

People with depression often find it hard to sleep, perform normal household chores, and attend social and family activities. Because this disease impacts so many and current medications don’t work well for everyone, researchers are working to develop new investigational drugs that may better treat depression in the future.

Did You Know?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression. It is a leading cause of disability.

Depression can feel like a prison.
But you have options.

Take action for your depression.

Ask your doctor for more information or contact our clinic to see if you may be eligible to participate.

This trial has been approved by a Human Research Ethics Committee

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