What is a clinical trial?


Why we do research?

There has been significant development in treatment for various mood and neurocognitive disorders. We are passionate about contributing to ongoing research to improve the quality of life for individuals with treatment resistant depression and those with mild cognitive impairment or dementia. It is a privilege to work with individuals who are willing to participate in clinical trials for their own benefit or to contribute to research.

Previous participants have all enjoyed the process of being carefully monitored by the team and have become like ‘family members’ looking forward to each visit to catch up!

Who can volunteer for a clinical trial?

Anyone in the general community is able to volunteer for a clinical trial at NeuroCentrix. Each study has an exhaustive list of inclusion and exclusion criteria which can initially be assessed during a phone pre-screening with our recruitment officer and is then confirmed at an onsite screening visit at NeuroCentrix.

What is involved in a clinical trial?

Each trial at NeuroCentrix varies in terms of what may be required for treatment. One of our recruitment officers will complete a pre-screening over the phone to get to know you and see if the study is a good fit. After that, you will receive a Participant Information Sheet and Consent Form via email, to review and you may like to book an in-person screening visit at our Carlton site.

A screening visit always involves the informed consent process, which will be administered by a trained study doctor. During this process, prospective study participants are given the opportunity to raise any questions, queries or concerns with the study doctor in order to make an informed decision prior to consenting to participate in the study.

Several other assessments/procedures may also be involved in a screening visit and can be carried out by several different research team members. These include:

  • Cognitive and clinical rating scales/assessments
  • Diagnostic Interviews
  • Physical Examination
  • Blood Tests
  • ECGS

Once the screening process is complete, if you have been found eligible for the study, you will be booked in for a baseline visit.

What is it like to be on site?

What do we love about research?

Who is involved in a clinical trial?

The research team is comprised of psychiatrists, study doctors, nurses, study coordinators and psychologists. All team members work across a variety of studies, and other departments within NeuroCentrix.

Would I know if I am taking the placebo or trial medication?

If a clinical trial is referred to as ‘double blind’, it means that neither the participant nor the research team are aware of whether the participant is allocated to a placebo group or active treatment group.

Regardless of the treatment group the participant is assigned to, all participants within a trial are treated equally.

In the event of an emergency, the study doctor will be able to have access to the information of the medication you are on.

What happens after a clinical trial?

After concluding a clinical trial, the study doctor will provide recommendations for future management to your regular treating doctor.

How do register my interest in a clinical trial?

You can register your interest in the form below in the form and we will get in contact with you within the next business day.

Where are the clinical trials located?

Our clinical trials are located at our Carlton location. Suite 3, Level 1, 19/21 Argyle Pl S, Carlton VIC 3053 opposite Argyle Gardens. If you get here early you can enjoy the sights of Lygon St before your appointment!

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