assessment, treatment and research of memory and mood disorders

Medicare rebate for TMS
Medicare rebate for TMS treatment is now available for eligible patients from 1 November 2021. Appointments now available in East Melbourne, Brighton, Noble Park, Mount Eliza, Ballarat, and in Brisbane at Toowong and Bowen Hills.
New TMS clinic opens in Albury
TMS is now available at Gardens Medical Centre in Albury
New TMS clinic opens in Bowen Hills
TMS is now available at The Banyans Medical Centre and Specialist Clinics in Bowen Hills
Psychology resources expanded
Appointments available immediately.
New clinic opens in Ballarat
New clinic open at 11 Sturt Street, Ballarat. Psychiatrist and psychologist appointments now available. TMS treatment options available.
NeuroCentrix in Toowong (Qld)
NeuroCentrix is open at 10 Benson St, Toowong. Now accepting psychiatry and psychology referrals. TMS treatment options available. Novel depression treatment as part of a clinical trial coming soon.
TMS at Mt Eliza, Brighton, East Melbourne, Noble Park, and Ballarat clinics
Clinics in Mount Eliza, Brighton, East Melbourne, Noble Park, and Ballarat now offer TMS treatment.
New Praxis clinical trial
NeuroCentrix is now recruiting patients for a potential new treatment for depression at Noble Park.
New clinical trial for Alzheimer's
NeuroCentrix is recruiting patients with memory problems for clinical trials investigating potential new treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease.

Why Do We Laugh? Part Two

There are various competing theories because each of them fails to capture everything funny. Yes, jokes release psychological tension, but so does a bath. Yes, we laugh at the misfortune of others (a fat lady falling into a pool) but often we find their misfortune upsetting instead. Meanwhile the opposite of misfortune can be hilarious, such as team’s worst player doing something unexpectedly miraculous.

Why Do We Laugh?

Laughing couple

Laughter is a human universal, found in all cultures, everywhere, in all times. Yet there is no clear reason why we get a burst of joy when something is funny, and even after centuries of trying, we can’t precisely define what “funny” is. We can understand jokes but usually can’t explain what it is about them that makes us laugh. Whenever we can, they aren’t as funny. All this is very strange. How can we understand and not understand something at the same time?