Brain Injury/Memory


What is it?

Neurocentrix offers a team of highly skilled consultant clinicians to help you make informed choices about managing memory or brain injury issues.

The first step in any treatment plan is to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your cognitive function.
We offer evidence-based assessment and advice that includes neuropsychological testing and assessment, consultations with our consultant psychiatrists and referral for biomedical investigations including brain scans, if required.

Neurocentrix provides both you and your treating physician with an assessment folder containing all your test results, a synthesis of these results by our consultant neuropsychology team, an assessment from a psychiatrist, including a diagnosis if relevant, and a number of treatment options that may be available to you.

Assessment Process

  • Physical examination and medical history
  • Neuropsychology examination
  • Developmental history and premorbid functioning
  • Mental health assessment especially depression, anxiety
  • Activities of daily Living
  • Quality of life
  • Medical specialist appointment


  • Supporting GP in prescribing readily available medicine to reduce the rate of cognitive decline
  • Access to new medications that are not yet available for prescription through clinical trials
  • Treatment of any underlying cause of memory loss
  • Treatment of associated conditions such as anxiety and depression


  • Providing therapeutic consultations for you and your loved ones to manage memory difficulties in your social and recreational pursuits
  • Providing information and referral to local community agencies to assist practically and socially in your own environment
  • Referral to assessment of driving, specific courses and memory training programs
  • Advice on managing physical health and available supplements and on emotional wellbeing
  • Psycho-education

How much does it cost?

Memory/Brain Injury assessment vary greatly depending on the referral question. Pease contact one of our friendly staff to enquire here.

How do I get seen?

Please contact our team here to make an inquiry.